Friday, December 16, 2011

Milestone attends VACo and VSBA Conventions

Last month Milestone had the pleasure of exhibiting at the Virginia Association of Counties (VACo) annual convention and at the Virginia School Boards Association (VSBA) annual convention. Milestone currently partners with both organizations to bring revenue sharing opportunities to their members.

The VACo conference was held at the Homestead in Hot Springs, VA. Milestone sponsored the event’s hotel key cards (pictured right).

At the VSBA conference at the Williamsburg Lodge in Williamsburg, VA, Milestone hosted a “R_U_Social?” booth to help convention goers sign up for social media accounts. A lucky raffle winner, took home an iPad for “liking” the Milestone Communications and VSBA facebook pages. Milestone is looking forward to continuing to participate in both conventions next year.

Milestone holds panel discussion on wireless infrastructure

Milestone was invited to host panel discussion on the benefits and the challenges associated with wireless infrastructure programs on school land at the Virginia School Boards Association’s annual conference last month in Williamsburg, VA.

The panel consisted of Fairfax County School Board Member Stuart Gibson, Fairfax County Public School’s Director of Administrative Services, Lee Ann Pender and South Lakes High School Principal, Bruce Butler.

Milestone has been developing and managing wireless infrastructure facilities on FCPS land for over 10 years and generates over a $1 million in recurring revenue for the school system.

School Board Member Stuart Gibson discussed the political risks associated with a tower program. He said Milestone does minimizes political risks by being transparent and providing factual information to the community during the zoning approval process.

Principal Bruce Butler talked about the “invaluable benefits" from the revenue tower brings to his school.

“We decided to hire a private company because we didn’t have the expertise or the staff time to run the program in house,” said Lee Ann Pender.

Milestone will be hosting a similar panel at the National School Boards Association Convention next April in Boston.

Herndon Wireless Tower to be completed in January

Milestone gained approval for a 125’ light pole replacement wireless pole at the Herndon Middle School in the Town of Herndon, located in Fairfax County.

The application was approved 6-1 by the Town Council. The Herndon Architectural Review Board unanimously approved the tower last month.

”I agree with moving forward. I think this is just the way of the future,” said Town Council Member, Lisa Merkel, during the public hearing.

Milestone filed the application after successfully gaining the approval for a zoning ordinance amendment, which allows for the construction of new wireless facilities on public land.

The proposed tower will enhance wireless coverage for AT&T customers and has capacity for three additional carriers.

“It’s about moving Herndon forward in economic development. Who would want to live in a town or operate a business (in a town) that can’t get good wireless,” said Barbara Glakis, a Town of Herndon resident who testified at the hearing in support of the application. Tower construction is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2011.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Milestone Signs Master Lease Agreement with the Government of Frederick County, MD

Milestone Communications is pleased to announce that it has executed a Master Lease Agreement with the Government of Frederick County, MD, adding over 100 new locations where wireless towers can be built. This will be Milestone’s 15th partnership in the metro Washington region. Milestone has over 900 locations where towers can be developed in MD, VA and SC.

The new Frederick sites include County parks, libraries, police and fire stations and, 12 water tanks located throughout the county.

“What makes these locations attractive to our wireless customers is that towers are an “allowable use” on many of the government locations under the zoning regulations,” stated Len Forkas, Milestone’s President. “This feature cuts in half the normal time to deliver a new tower with less risk for our customers.”

The agreement was approved by the Frederick County Board of Supervisors last month. “Using government assets to help create revenue for local governments is a no brainer,” said former County Executive for Montgomery County, Doug Duncan.

Frederick is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Maryland and the potential to enhance wireless infrastructure is significant, since a large area of the county has sub par wireless coverage.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

MABE Partners with Milestone

The Maryland Association of Boards of Education (MABE) is partnering with Milestone to share exciting revenue earning opportunities with Maryland's School Districts.

Milestone's wireless tower development program earns school boards recurring revenue streams. Last year, the program earned Fairfax County Public Schools over a $1 million.

"Using school assets to create revenue is a no brainer," said Doug Duncan, former County Executive for Montgomery County.

Milestone has been partnering with school districts for over ten years. It has developed over 25 stealth wireless towers.

To read more about the partnership and other Milestone news, download our October newsletter.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Len Forkas to chair Fairfax County School Bond Commitee

Len Forkas has been chosen to chair the Chamber of Commerce School Bond Committee. The Fairfax School Board has asked the Board of Supervisors to place a $252.7 million school bond referendum in this November's election.

Len will lead the committee that will distribute information about the bond project and gain support in the community to authorize the sale of school bonds. If approved by voters, the bond will provide funds to renovate older schools and planning funds of school about to enter the renovation phase.

Monday, September 19, 2011

VACo Partners With Milestone

Milestone and the Virginia Association of Counties (VACo) are pleased to announce an exciting new revenue sharing opportunity with VACo members.

Milestone's wireless tower development program earns revenue for local governments that allow new towers on government property. Currently, VACo has members from all 95 Counties in the Commonwealth.

"Local Governments can take better control of their budgets and be more proactive about generating revenue, while at the same time enhancing wireless service," said Milestone president, Len Forkas.

Milestone will discuss the opportunity for a partnership with VACo members this November at VACo's annual conference at the Homestead in Hot Springs, VA. Learn more by reading their newsletter.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Milestone Presents Check to James Madison High School

RESTON, VA- Milestone presented a $25,000 check to James Madison High School last weekend. The check was presented to the school’s Director of Student Activities, John Lingenfelter.

The new tower will replace an existing light pole on the School’s football stadium. The structure will be the 27th wireless facility to be built on a Fairfax County Public School.

The wireless infrastructure program has generated more than $5 million in revenue for the school system in the past ten years and currently generates $1 million a year in re-occurring income.

Milestone Completes Thoreau Middle School Treepole Construction

RESTON, VA- Milestone recently completed the construction of a 125’ wireless treepole at Thoreau Middle School in Fairfax. The facility was designed to blend in with the existing school campus. Landscaping has been planted around the facility’s equipment compound to further mitigate visual impact.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Milestone Doubles Land Bank

RESTON, VA- Milestone continues to expand its footprint in the Washington Metropolitan region. The company recently doubled its land bank portfolio, bringing the number of prospective cell phone towers to over 600. Milestone entered a master lease agreement with Maryland's Prince George's County Public Schools this winter, adding 75 new potential tower locations. Additionally, Milestone has been diversifying its portfolio and recently signed marketing agreements with several private landowners, including JBG Rosenfeld Retail and Combined Properties.

Milestone Equity Fund Raises $10 Million

RESTON, VA - Milestone has recently raised $10 million from more than 50 investors in its third equity fund named Milestone Towers LPIII. Milestone develops wireless communication towers in the Metro Washington Area and has raised over $20 Million in equity capital since 2000.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Milestone Presents check to Irving Middle School

(pictured, Milestone project manager Jennifer Bond and Irving Principal Danny Little)

Milestone presented a $25,000 check to Washington Irving Middle School on Thursday. The check ceremony took place during the stacking of Milestone’s new tower in Fairfax County.

School principal, Danny Little, accepted the check. “We will be using the income from the tower to support student use of technology for learning and staff development,” said Little.

Milestone is constructing a stealth wireless tower with antennas closely mounted to the pole to minimize visual impact. The Irving tower will be the third tower built on a Fairfax County middle school.

This will be the 26th wireless facility to be built on a Fairfax County School. The wireless infrastructure program has generated more than $5 million in revenue for the school system in the past ten years and currently generates $1 million a year in re-occurring income.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Milestone presents check to Fairfax middle school

Milestone Communications presented a $30,000 check to Thoreau Middle School on Monday. School Principal, Mark Greenfelder, accepted the check during the stacking of the tower. Milestone is constructing a wireless tower designed to look like a tree that will blend in with the existing school campus. The Thoreau tower will be the first wireless treepole tower on a Fairfax County Public School.

“The Funds from the cell tower will be used to develop and support various initiatives that support student learning at Thoreau,” said Greenfelder. “We will create additional staffing positions for much-needed intervention programs to meet the needs of our students. We will also use the cell-tower funds to purchase additional instructional materials and new technologies for our classrooms.”

This will be the 25th wireless facility to be built on a Fairfax County School, and will generate over $50,000 in re-occurring annual revenue for the school system. The wireless infrastructure program has generated more than $5 million in revenue for the school system.