Friday, December 16, 2011

Milestone holds panel discussion on wireless infrastructure

Milestone was invited to host panel discussion on the benefits and the challenges associated with wireless infrastructure programs on school land at the Virginia School Boards Association’s annual conference last month in Williamsburg, VA.

The panel consisted of Fairfax County School Board Member Stuart Gibson, Fairfax County Public School’s Director of Administrative Services, Lee Ann Pender and South Lakes High School Principal, Bruce Butler.

Milestone has been developing and managing wireless infrastructure facilities on FCPS land for over 10 years and generates over a $1 million in recurring revenue for the school system.

School Board Member Stuart Gibson discussed the political risks associated with a tower program. He said Milestone does minimizes political risks by being transparent and providing factual information to the community during the zoning approval process.

Principal Bruce Butler talked about the “invaluable benefits" from the revenue tower brings to his school.

“We decided to hire a private company because we didn’t have the expertise or the staff time to run the program in house,” said Lee Ann Pender.

Milestone will be hosting a similar panel at the National School Boards Association Convention next April in Boston.

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